The Journey

by 365 CF
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


The Journey 2018 has officially ended, however if you’re looking for photo/video updates, please click here to Like our Facebook page, we’ll be continually posting updates!

Saturday, 8 September 2018 @ Kompleks JKKN Sabah

Sabah’s FIRST EVER crowdfunding project! The Journey Charity Concert is a joint collaboration between 365CF and the local performing arts community, with the purpose of providing a platform for budding musicians, dancers and performers in KK City to showcase their talent on the big stage. This time round, the beneficiaries for this project are the underprivileged children of Caring for the Future Malaysia (CFFM), a home that provides coaching, guidance and training, to prepare them for society in the future.

The Journey is supported by the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah, and is included as part of the annual Kota Kinabalu Arts Festival.

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Journey Chats: Raymond Soh of 365CF

Meet Raymond Soh, the mastermind behind the creation of The Journey! His belief is that when people come together, great things can happen, which is his ethos behind 365CF. Watch the video to find out more! BACK our Campaign today for tickets to The Journey Charity Concert! 8 Sept 2018, 6.30pm, JKKN, KK

Posted by The Journey on Monday, 23 July 2018

Life is a beautiful journey that we embark on, and along the way we learn, we grow, and occasionally pause to smell the flowers and take in the view.

In this charity concert, you get the precious opportunity to take part in the journey of keen, young hearts who aspire to be professional performers one day. By backing this event, you’ll be contributing to making their dreams come true. Not only that, you also get to support the education of underprivileged children at Caring For The Future Malaysia (CFFM) Home, paving their way to a brighter future.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, will you join us in taking this first step towards our dreams?


在这场慈善音乐会上,您将有机会参加渴望成为专业表演者的敏锐年轻人的心路历程。 通过支持这一活动,您将为他们实现梦想做出贡献。 不仅如此,您还可以支持马来西亚未来关怀(CFFM)家园的弱势儿童教育,为迈向更美好的未来铺平道路。


Collaborating Performers:

Founder of CFFM

Say hello to Abe Mitsuhiko, the founding father of CFF Malaysia, as we chat with him about his heart for underprivileged children here in KK City. When you BACK our concert, you are giving hope to the children of CFFM. Help give them a future, will you?The Journey Charity Concert8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KKClick here to BACK now!

Posted by The Journey on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Not only are the children of Caring for the Future Malaysia (CFFM) home being cared for and educated both academically and in life skills, they are also given the gift of music through violin and piano lessons given by kind-hearted volunteers.

These children learn earnestly and put in a lot of effort to practice, so it will truly be a meaningful moment for them to be able to express their musical creativity onstage for all to see!




Journey Chats: Doritz Thian of J Dance Studio

Meet Doritz Thian, the woman behind J Dance Studio! They will be joining forces with us for The Journey Charity Concert, bringing to the stage some HOT dance moves! Don't miss out, BACK our concert for tickets now! 8 Sep, 6.30pm, JKKN

Posted by The Journey on Friday, 20 July 2018

J Dance Studio KK, one of KK City’s leading dance, art and entertainment academies will be joining forces with us to bring a variety of upbeat, eye-catching dance numbers that you surely don’t want to miss. Their lineup includes in-house professional dance instructors, as well as a bunch of their talented students!

J Dance Studio KK is built on positive core values that is aimed at growing all their students through creativity, invention, and innovation. Among the dance courses that are available are Hip Hop, Reggae, Street Jazz, K-pop, and Burlesque, as well as skill courses such as Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hoop.

集舞蹈、艺术和娱乐的学院,J Dance Studio KK 将与我们携手合作,为您带来各种精彩的表演,您肯定不想错过。 他们的阵容包括内部专业舞蹈教练,以及一群他们的天才学生!

J Dance Studio KK 建立在积极的核心价值观上,旨在通过创造力、创意与创新来培养所有的学生。 舞蹈课程包括 Hip Hop,Reggae,Street Jazz,K-pop 和 Burlesque,以及钢管舞、空中瑜伽和空中呼啦圈操等课程。



Winnie from WMC

The W in WMC stands for Winnie! Meet the head dance teacher at WMC, as she introduces herself, her centre, and the various great things that they're doing! The Journey Charity Concert8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KKClick here to BACK now!

Posted by The Journey on Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Established since 2015, WMC Move to the Music Dance Academy adopts diverse teaching methods, and offers music lessons such as piano, violin, harp, guitar and drums. A variety of dance lessons are being taught as well, from gymnastics, to rhythmic dance, pole dance, modern ballet, cultural dance, and more!

For the Journey, WMC Move to the Music Academy will be bringing to the stage a series of rhythmic gymnastics and modern ballet, performed by their students.

自2015年成立以来,WMC移动音乐舞蹈学院采用多种教学方法,并提供音乐课程,例如钢琴,小提琴,竖琴,吉他和鼓。 从体操到节奏舞,钢管舞,现代芭蕾舞,文化舞蹈等等,还教授各种舞蹈课程!



Founder of Prelude Music

Introducing the great Mr Yap Ling, founder of Prelude Music! They're one of our collaborating performers, and their students will be bringing to the stage some beautiful classical pieces! The Journey Charity Concert on 8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KKBACK OUR CAMPAIGN now for tickets!

Posted by The Journey on Wednesday, 18 July 2018

One of Kota Kinabalu’s most prestigious music schools, Prelude Music was founded by professional violinist Yap Ling, who also spearheads KK’s very own Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra. Prelude Music applies stringent recruitment and teaching policies, cultivating the most talented, committed and teachable students into shining stars in the music scene.

A few of Prelude’s best students will be gracing the stage for The Journey, performing a variety of classical pieces.

亚庇最负盛名的音乐学校之一 Prelude Music 由专业小提琴家 Yap Ling 创立,他也领导KK旗下的 Jesselton 爱乐乐团。 Prelude Music采用严格的招聘和教学政策,将最有才华、努力和可教的学生培养成音乐界的闪亮明星。

Prelude 的最好的学生将会登上 The Journey 的舞台,演出各种经典的作品。


Journey Chats: Michael Cheong of Michael Drum Planet

We're gonna be in top groove with Michael Cheong on our side! That's right guys, Michael Drum Planet is also part of The Journey with us! This concert is gonna be a blast! Don't miss a beat, get your tickets now! The Journey Charity Concert on 8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KKBACK OUR CAMPAIGN now for tickets!

Posted by The Journey on Monday, 16 July 2018

Established since 2009, Michael Drum Planet has grown over the years to be one of KK City’s most popular drum schools with some 100 students, and they also offer other lessons such as guitar, saxophone, and keyboard lessons. They’ve also organised many events to stimulate the local music scene, such as Bell Yu Tian’s mini concert in 2018, Suen Lim’s mini concert in 2017, and Sound of Borneo Singing Contest in 2016.

Students of Michael Drum Planet get the opportunity to showcase their talents and efforts onstage with drum solos, and a little bird told us there might be some collaborations with other schools too!

自从2009年成立以来,Michael Drum Planet 多年来一直是亚庇市最受欢迎的鼓乐学校之一,有大约100名学生,他们还提供其他课程,如吉他,萨克斯管和钢琴课。 他们还组织了许多活动来促进当地的音乐圈,比如 Bell 宇田的2018年迷你音乐会,2017年 Suen 林文荪的迷你音乐会和2016年的婆罗洲歌唱大赛。

Michael Drum Planet 的学生有机会通过鼓独奏展示他们的才能和努力,我们也收到消息说他可能会与其他学校进行一些合作!


Ivy Dance Group

Hi everyone! we'd like to introduce Mdm Ivy Kok to everyone! She is the founder of Ivy Dance Group, which will be performing 2 dances during The Journey Charity Concert! Have you got your tickets yet? BACK this campaign now to catch the show!8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KK thejourney/#365Journey

Posted by The Journey on Friday, 6 July 2018

Ivy Kok Dance Group was formed 8 years ago out of one person’s passion for dancing. Since then, the dance group has grown to include dancers of all ages: from young children to golden citizens. They have since been invited to perform in various private and governmental functions. Their portfolio includes traditional Chinese dances such as the fan dance or the sash dance, as well as contemporary numbers. Creativity is a key element in their choreography, and they always aim to put their own unique twist into traditional dances in order to spice things up a little!

爱薇舞蹈坊已是8年前由各人对跳舞的热诚组织的。 从那时起,舞蹈坊已包括所有年龄段的舞者:从小孩至到乐龄。 此后他们受邀担任各种私人和政府活动。 他们的作品包括中国传统舞蹈,如扇子舞蹈或缎带舞蹈,以及当代舞蹈。 创意是他们舞蹈编排中的一个关键元素,他们的目标始终是将自己的独特风格融入传统舞蹈中,以增添趣味!

MC Jason

Meet the official Master of Ceremonies for The Journey! He is none other than MC Jason of Talent Shop Co! We're super privileged to have their support!See you there, JKKN, 8 SepBACK our concert now!

Posted by The Journey on Friday, 10 August 2018

Talent Shop Co is a group of capable and passionate event organisers, emcees and marketers with years of experience in organising and managing events. They  provide event management services, floor managers and event crew, talents such as singers, musicians and dancers, as well as brand ambassadors and social media influencers.  Clients who have previously engaged them include  Samsung, Hilton KK, 1Borneo Hypermall, Oceanus Mall, SIRIM, FFM Sabah, MaGIC, Celcom, Toyota, AB Mauri, and Giant Malaysia.

Joining forces with us is their coolest emcee, MC Jason, as well as Velomity Dance Crew.

Talent Shop Co是一群有能力且充满激情的活动团体、主持人和营销人员。他们在团队和管理活动方面拥有多年经验。 他们提供活动管理服务,场内经理和活动工作人员、歌手、音乐家和舞蹈演员等,以及品牌大使和社交媒体影响者。 之前合作过的客户包括Samsung,Hilton KK,1Borneo Hypermall,Oceanus Mall,SIRIM,FFM Sabah,MaGIC,Celcom,Toyota,AB Mauri和Giant Malaysia。

与我们合作的是他们最酷的主持人,MC Jason,以及Velomity Dance Crew。

Leader of Velomity Crew

Curious to know what the name Velomity means? Watch this video to find out! See Velomity Crew at The Journey!The Journey Charity Concert8 Sept 2018 at JKKN, KKClick here to BACK now!

Posted by The Journey on Thursday, 9 August 2018

Velomity Crew (V.L.M) is a dance group founded and based in KK City in 2015, which consists of 15 dancers. Champions of the 2017 Underground Hip Hop Competition, they are known for their different styles of dance such as hip-hop, popping, urban, girls style, waacking, dance hall and b-boy. Seen and heard around KK City’s dance competitions and shows, they are also active on Instagram with constant releases of dance videos. Velomity’s objective is to bring out a missing voice in their passion in dancing to the national audience and expand their vision in what they perceive, create and present through all their hard work in dance.

For The Journey, they will be crafting up a special choreography that they’ve never done elsewhere before, how exciting!

Velomity Crew(V.L.M)是一个舞蹈团体,于2015年在KK City成立,由15位舞者组成。 2017年地下嘻哈比赛得冠军,他们以不同风格的舞蹈而闻名,如嘻哈,流行,都市,女孩风格,街舞,和b-boy。 在KK City的舞蹈比赛和表演中都能看到他们,他们也在Instagram上活跃,不断发布舞蹈视频。 Velomity的目标是带出(表演艺术家)被压抑已久的心声,通过他们在舞蹈努力扩展他们的感知,创造和视觉呈现。

对于The Journey,他们将制作一个他们以前从未做过的特别编舞,多么的令人兴奋!


Unlimited Crew is a group of young people aged between 11-18 based in Tawau, Sabah. They are the combination of two dance crews, DoReMi and Beatkidz respectively, and as a whole, they have some 10 awards from different dance competitions, including the National level street dance competition Shuddup N Dance, Tawau Youth Got Talent, Clash of the Kingz, and many more.

In The Journey, they will be bringing to the stage their young and energetic moves, and their original choreography that is a fusion of Hip Hop, Modern Dance, and Street Dance, how exciting!

Unlimited Crew是一群年龄在11-18岁之间的年轻人,他们来自沙巴州-斗湖。 他们分别是两个舞蹈团队DoReMi和Beatkidz的组合,整体而言,他们曾获得不同舞蹈比赛的10个奖项,包括国家级街舞比赛Shuddup N Dance,Tawau Youth Got Talent,Kingz Clash, 还有很多。

在The Journey中,他们将把他们年轻而充满活力的动作带到舞台上,他们最初的编舞是嘻哈,现代舞和街舞的融合,多么令人期待!

Introducing our squad of superheroes! Every single one of these awesome people have contributed their super powers to The Journey, so we know it’s gonna be a good show! 😊



The Journey Concert Full Video

Nov, 2018

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The Journey Concert Full Video

You are entitled to redeem 1 pass entry to The Journey Concert and Full Video

You are entitled to redeem 1 pass entry to The Journey Concert with VIP seat and Full Video

Estimated delivery for Full Video will be after the concert in November 2018

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8 Sept Fund Raised RM15,965.00 November 23, 2018
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Sponsors RM12,032.00 September 01, 2018
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William Khoo RM100.00 August 28, 2018
Liew Shau Ling RM30.00 August 25, 2018
Rachael Ng RM50.00 August 24, 2018
Advance Freighter Logistics RM1,000.00 August 21, 2018
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Qin Zhi Lee RM100.00 August 18, 2018
Jason Tong ShinMori Yakiniku RM1,000.00 August 17, 2018
Jarrad Chin RM50.00 August 17, 2018
Persatuan Usahawan Ice Penguin Malaysia JB - Pier RM100.00 August 17, 2018
Vicky SIB Likas RM400.00 August 17, 2018
PH Rays RM8.00 August 15, 2018
Jarrad Chin RM150.00 August 15, 2018
Candy RM100.00 August 14, 2018
Jarrad Chin RM200.00 August 13, 2018
Ivy Kok RM200.00 August 13, 2018
Persatuan Syarikat Pengurusan Kelab Negeri Sabah RM8,000.00 August 10, 2018
Mei Mei RM150.00 August 07, 2018
Jarrad RM400.00 August 07, 2018
PEI HONG SOH RM50.00 August 07, 2018
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Maiko Wakabayashi RM100.00 July 17, 2018
MITSUHIKO ABE RM100.00 July 16, 2018
Giok Wee RM50.00 July 07, 2018
Chi kiong Chin RM50.00 July 05, 2018
ivy kok RM850.00 July 04, 2018
anony mous RM30.00 July 04, 2018
Jess Yong Siao Wee RM150.00 June 28, 2018
Elsie Tan RM50.00 June 18, 2018
Sparks Sabah RM1,500.00 June 18, 2018
Elsie Tan RM200.00 June 18, 2018
Pei Rou Hung RM50.00 June 15, 2018
Alisha Pang RM100.00 June 12, 2018
Jocelyn Low RM100.00 May 23, 2018

Q. Can I pay upon entry to the concert?
A: As this is a crowdfunding project, we don’t encourage paying upon entry, because all the money we receive is used to fund this project, therefore it can only happen if everyone funds it before the event.

Q. Who can I contact for further details?
A: You can call 088203365 or send a WhatsApp message to 0128767856



Committee Meeting before the Show!


The Journey leaflet: Click to Download


The Journey Charity Concert Press Conference

See more update at The Journey’s Facebook page:


Sparks (Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) is supporting The Journey Charity Concert

Sparks’s website:


Program flow meeting


Visted CFF children’s home and JKKN site check


Committee meeting

Welcome Kent for joining as The Journey volunteer. We been talking about the events experiences and discussed about the coming up programs


Our first committee meeting

Our first meeting at VSI Network’s Office in Citymall, attendances: Seyi, Michael, Ivy Kok, Jen, Raymond, Abe San and Abe’s Wife Kaori. We been talking about who will be joining The Journey, the venue confirm at JKKN and fall on 8 Sep 2018 (Sat). This coming 1st May we planned to visit CFF children house in Papar, will see anything they create can become the rewards for who BACK this campaign.





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