Our Successful Crowdfunding

The Journey

Sabah’s FIRST EVER crowdfunding project, and it was an overwhelming success! The Journey Charity Concert is a joint collaboration between 365CF and the local performing arts community, with the purpose of providing a platform for budding musicians, dancers and performers in KK City to showcase their talent on the big stage, all while benefiting CFF Malaysia, a home for unferprivileged children in Papar, Sabah.

In Progress

clean beach

Clean the Beach, Save the Sea Turtles

Libaran Island is about 45 minutes by boat ride north of Sandakan and lies next to the Turtle Island Marine Park of Seligan, Gulisan and Bankugan Kecil. The purpose of this project is to raise funds for villagers to clean up the entire seafront at Libaran Island.


Building Rhema Care Centre for the Orang Laut Children

This campaign is organised by the Johore Diamond Heart Charitable Organization
(PPM-017-01-18012017) for the purpose of raising funds to help Pastor Jonathan and Ibu Marry of Rhema City in their efforts to build a care centre to provide lodging, food, and education to Orang Laut Children