What is a Privilege Point (PP)?

The 365DAY Privilege Point (PP) System is our way of rewarding our users! When you spend on our Merchants’ goods and services, all rebates that you get are in the form of PP, which is the 365DAY internal currency. Accumulated points can be used to redeem goods at the 365DAY PP Mall, or even used to buy goods at your favourite Merchants’ outlets! 

PPs are received as rebates when Merchants scan your unique QR identity code or enter your email address. This is credited to your PP account, and the people in your user network benefits as well! It is just that simple!

sharing rebate-01

PP Rebate Sharing System

We love it when people spread the news about our App, therefore we reward our users for introducing other users to 365DAY! With our PP Sharing System, you can build your own network of buddies, and when they receive rebates, you get a little something on the side as well! 

Here’s how it works: 

1. When you sign your friends up as 365Buddies, they are part of your network, and when they register their friends, you get another Buddy in your network too!

2. So when your Buddies spend, they get 50% of the total merchant rebates, meanwhile you and the Buddy that you introduced get 20% and 10% of the rebate respectively! 

So it kinda means that you don’t always need to spend to get rebates! When your buddies spend, you get a little bit back too! How awesome is that!?

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