Frequently Ask Questions – FAQs


How do I become a merchant?

On the “Me” tab, tap Grow Your Business, and look for a button that reads “Become A Merchant”. Fill in the information and tap Request. A member of our team will contact you for further details on your business.

What is the difference between Merchant Account and Merchant Business Account? 

Merchant Account holders are only entitled to  have their business on the 365DAY listing and can advertise their businesses on 365DAY.

Merchant Business Account holders have all the benefits that Merchant Account holders have, but have the added benefit of being part of the Privilege Point (PP) system.

As a Merchant Business Account holder, how do I rebate PP to my customers?

On the 365DAY app, Tap on the “Me” tab. You should see an option that reads “Gift PP”. Tap on that, and scan your customer’s unique QR code, input the total spending and PP rebate percentage, then tap on Gift PP. 

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